Killa Gorilla is stranded on earth.

27 April
New York, New York, United States
Killa Gorilla is a gorilla from the Planet of the Gorillas. Back on his native planet, he was a decorated war hero in the gruesome Ape-Chimpanzee Wars of the Z45th century. His valor and skill as a pilot, combined with his diminutive stature (I am about 6 feet 4 inches here on earth; the average Ape male walks erect at about an even seven feet - KG) singled him out as excellent astronaut material. Killa Gorilla was sent deeper into space than any Ape had ever travelled before, and his ship fell through a black hole in the outer reaches of his native galaxy, propelling him into our Milky Way. While propelling through the black hole at tremendous speed, Killa Gorilla spilled a banana milk shake on the control panel of his vessel, shorting the ship's navigation systems and forcing him to crash land on the closest planet able to support Killa Gorilla's life functions: Earth. Killa Gorilla, being a brilliant scientist in addition to a decorated warrior and astronaut, quickly deduced that his ship was hopelessly beyond repair, as Earth is lacking in several critical minerals and metals requisite to his ship's construction. His only hope, he realized, would be to try to blend in to the human population of New York City and wait for the unlikely day that a rescue mission from his home planet should come to take him home. An incredibly rational and sensitive being, Killa Gorilla tries his best to be human and fit in with his new countrymen, but often finds human behavior perplexing and occasionally frightening. As part of his ongoing struggle to fit in and improve his communication skills with North American Homo Sapiens, Killa Gorilla decided to start a "live journal" to share his thoughts and feelings with Homo Sapiens, and to document his difficult encounters with the human race that he is trying very hard to understand.